Fight the fight : TIPS TO COMBAT STRESS


There are enough reasons for students to be stressed out – be it packed schedule, higher expectations and responsibilities, monotony etc. So, here are some positive ways to combat stress.
Physically recharge yourself: Self-care is very essential, especially during hard times. Set your body clock right and see the miracle. Sleep well since sleep-deprivation adds on to your stress. Healthy nourishment is a must to keep yourself charged up. Pick up a sport or a physical activity such as cycling, yoga, trekking etc. to keep you active and deter idleness.
Take a break and get out: Yes, a routine schedule might cause stress. It’s time to take a break, spend more time with friends in ground or anything different. Leisure activities do give you a space to think and help you to regain the lost energy.
Ask for help: There are certain moments which might seem beyond your control. Never refrain yourself from seeking help from parents and teachers. Pour your heart out and let them know what is disturbing you. A healthy support from elders does rescue you at times of crisis.
Keep your spirits high: Never allow stress to ever daunt your self-esteem. It’s important to keep telling yourself that you can never be a failure. Be passionate. Learn a new skill. Create something. Help others. Find new ways to keep yourself motivated.

Settle, Organize and keep going: Stress causes chaos. Chaos causes stress. Settle down for a while. Organize tasks by prioritizing. Take a “To-do-list” app for help. Also remind yourself to not procrastinate tasks till the last moment.

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