About Us

DISHA at its core, is an idea, a movement, and a helping hand

We extend our services to students and employees in various schools, colleges, and corporations who are seeking help in dealing with stress, loss of concentration, academic concerns, personal issues, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, burnout, or procrastination.

Our very own Development Coaches, who are well qualified and trained psychologists mentor and help them to take a leap of faith and perform better as individuals with family, peers, and society. We put our best foot forward in raising their confidence and resilience levels and help them get back on their feet and face any given circumstance.

What we offer

Each one of us occasionally needs assistance to navigate problems and emotional turmoil without being immobilized or overpowered by a sense of powerlessness.

DISHA program leads to improved stress management, and interpersonal relations, enhance self-confidence and motivation and overcome anxiety among the students, parents, and employees as well.


Group Sessions are designed to create awareness about mental health, normalise seeking support, and help participants become emotionally resilient, consequently affecting their overall well-being through reflective activities in a positive manner. 


Personal Sessions aim to address students’ specific challenges and other contributing factors by providing a safe and reliable environment. As a result, students feel comfortable speaking their minds, gain insight and get empowered with adaptive coping skills.


These sessions focus on sensitising parents about their child’s mental and emotional well-being while giving them the necessary tools and knowledge that enable them to foster a healthy relationship with their children. 


Staff sessions provide assistance and guidance to staff members to maintain a healthy work-life balance, deemed imperative for their health, happiness and contentment. Moreover, these sessions empower them to create a conducive and supportive environment for students to flourish.


Through this program, organizations are encouraged to prioritize the mental and emotional well-being of the employers and employees against the backdrop of yielding desirable results. As a consequence of the same, the stakeholders of the organization will be empowered to manage workplace stressors leading to the attainment of shared goals, organizational growth and productivity. Mental Health support is available to them in the form of fascinating onsite workshops, digital initiatives and crisis management services.